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Cone-ing Epic Reaction

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This is one of the most epic response of cone-tion I have ever seen. Fukt.tv cone ING posted the original video a few weeks ago from Youtube and around the world have adopted this new sport craze. As the boards, the cone-ING very simple and can be played by anyone … … .. presumption that you have hands. The idea is to order an ice cream cone from a fast food drive through when you get as you ice cream cone instead of fleeing. This clip was filmed at a drive through and MacDonald have already received nearly a half million views on youtube!now click fukt or  efukt and   watch     funny videos

Crazy Train German Surf Mount

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These crazy ass German is called the life risk “The Silversurferz and members to get their fix just surfing. The idea behind the dangerous sport is to join a part of a package, then stand up and surf as he moves with incredible speed. Train surfing is obviously very dangerous, but unfortunately I think the accident at the end was not true … … shame … … maybe next time. now  click

fukt or   efukt and  watch    funny videos

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